Motivated by tradition, we are nonetheless careful to include new production methods and new organizational models.


Base Pizza was born from an ambitious idea of the Aliano brothers, Gianni and Vito.

“We care about our customers and we daily commit to supporting the food development of those who choose us, creating unparalleled experiences when it comes to flavour and defending and supporting the culture of PIZZA – MADE IN ITALY in the world.”

Base Pizza’s vision is to spread and promote healthy eating with a wide range of products, icons of Italian cuisine.

This awareness is shared with the entire team, considered one of the strengths of the Apulian company.

The personal intuition of the ALIANO brothers is linked to the idea of doing business with a precise goal, that of “feeding your wishes”.


The mission of Base Pizza is “to enthuse customers with the excellence of its products” which are the result of a careful selection of raw materials. Indeed, the dough used is a guarantee of quality, freshness, high digestibility, and crunchiness, all characteristics you can’t do without. The taste is guaranteed by the craftsmanship of the master pizza chefs who every day devote themselves to carefully rolling it by hand, a technique that is necessary to obtain an authentic, 100% Made in Italy product.


In the wonderful setting of the Alta Murgia National Park, on the border with Basilicata, Gravina in Puglia captures the gaze of those who stop by to admire it.

Part of the city extends on the banks of a deep crevasse, very similar to a canyon, in an area characterized by the presence of numerous karst cavities.

Thanks to its evocative landscape, the unusual historic city center, and the rocky habitat that gives a picturesque look to the town, it has been a shooting location for a number of films, both Italian and international.

It is a land that hosts many companies specialized in the production of wine, pasta, sweets, and our baked goods. There is a sort of natural magnetism in the city of Gravina in Puglia, something that remains in the soul of those who come here.

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