Research and development

The company has always set itself the goal of continuous improvement in order to satisfy its customers, preserving a method made of passion for this job and care for the details in a constant pursuit of excellence.

Through continuous research, the company has developed a quality management system that aims to achieve:

  • growth of customer satisfaction;
  • increase in the quality of the finished product;
  • improvement of the production process and the working life of the staff.


Great manual skill is what has always characterized Base Pizza and which highlights the profound link between art and craftsmanship, something with which the company has chosen to work despite having evolved into the new concept of “factory”.

The choice of professionals relates to the value that the company gives to the dexterity and craftsmanship required in certain stages of production.

Today, Base Pizza bases its most authentic taste in the talent of the master pizza makers who head the production departments.

The extreme attention to detail guarantees customers the flavour and taste of the Made in Italy that makes our country recognisable and appreciated throughout the world.

Human capital: our true resource

  • The workplaces are cared for, welcoming and managed directly by the staff whose responsibility and commitment guarantee the correct execution of all work phases.

  • Great care is dedicated to human resources, and relations of esteem and trust have been established with all the staff.

  • The enhancement of professional skills guarantees management effectiveness and organizational efficiency.

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